The Health & Safety Loan (H&S Loan) is designed for East Bluff homeowners in need of financial help in bringing their properties up to health and safety standards.


  • Borrower must be owner-occupant living in EBNHS SSD service area
  • Borrower eligibility restricted to 80% of area median income (AMI is $54k)
  • Loans to be used for defined H&S related repairs only

Maximum loan amount: $5,000

  • Maximum loan term: 5 years
  • 0% interest
Examples of Use
  • Safety issues
  • Repairs to non-functioning required exit doors
  • Required health hazard abatement/remediation for mold, asbestos, lead
  • Structural issues/potential structure failure
  • Sanitary issues
  • Sewer blockage
  • Heating issues/heating plant failure
  • Plumbing issues/Frozen water line
  • Water heater failure
  • Water service line break
  • Flood
  • Electrical issues/unsafe electrical wiring issues